I am…?

I am… Whitney.

A good friend of mine, Kouthar, had been speaking about how much I remind her of the main character in the TV series “Whitney” for a while. I didn’t think much of it (because I had never watched the show) until I watched an episode…

There I was. “Whitney” is exactly like me, down to the last detail. I guess after five years of friendship, you know your friend – REALLY well. Kouthar was spot on.

For those of you who haven’t watched the show here’s a sneak peak:


Say it ain’t age?

I hate being at home on any night that I don’t have to be. So if I have a free day in a week and I can manage to talk someone in to going out with me the night before – you can bet your life I will be out. Well, that’s how life used to work.

I don’t know why, but I am beginning to notice that going out is becoming more and more of an effort for me. Seriously. For example, last night I opted to stay in bed bonding with a cup of hot chocolate and my electric blanket instead of checking out a new party being hosted by one of my favourite DJs. Uhm, who am I?

I’d like to think it’s just winter, you know. The cold weather and all, but I have noticed that ‘recovery’ takes longer these days. Gone are the days where I don’t need to sleep. I can still stay out all night but best believe when I get near to a bed; IT-IS-ON.  I’m just not the animal I used to be LAUGH-OUT-LOUD.

When you’re 18 and straight out of high school, you feel like you’ll be young forever. In fact you barely notice how much you’ve aged until one day you’re at a club and you realise that the hot guy you just got introduced to, just turned 20 and is someone-you-matriculated-with’s baby brother…

I am hoping this is just a phase…or winter. I mean, it can’t be age? 22 isn’t that old, right?

Me on my 22nd birthday (yes, the barbie dolls were a gift :] )