What is the colour of the wind?

It’s really hard for me to take this topic seriously because right now all I’m hearing (and picturing) in my head is Pocahontas running through the forest and being followed by different coloured leaves as she sings “Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?”


The wind, I would say it has no colour. You can’t really see wind. You can only see the effects of wind. Wind is air in motion, isn’t it? (My matric geography is very blurry – so I could be making that up)

I imagine wind to be the squiggly lines of my pre-school drawings or white because it’s that colour in cartoons.

Another fun way to picture the colour of wind: Imagine yourself in an open space with piles of different coloured powder and then the wind picks up; it comes whirling through the open space. MAGIC.

So, what colour is the wind?

Wind could be any colour really. Let your imagination decide for you.