Say it ain’t age?

I hate being at home on any night that I don’t have to be. So if I have a free day in a week and I can manage to talk someone in to going out with me the night before – you can bet your life I will be out. Well, that’s how life used to work.

I don’t know why, but I am beginning to notice that going out is becoming more and more of an effort for me. Seriously. For example, last night I opted to stay in bed bonding with a cup of hot chocolate and my electric blanket instead of checking out a new party being hosted by one of my favourite DJs. Uhm, who am I?

I’d like to think it’s just winter, you know. The cold weather and all, but I have noticed that ‘recovery’ takes longer these days. Gone are the days where I don’t need to sleep. I can still stay out all night but best believe when I get near to a bed; IT-IS-ON.  I’m just not the animal I used to be LAUGH-OUT-LOUD.

When you’re 18 and straight out of high school, you feel like you’ll be young forever. In fact you barely notice how much you’ve aged until one day you’re at a club and you realise that the hot guy you just got introduced to, just turned 20 and is someone-you-matriculated-with’s baby brother…

I am hoping this is just a phase…or winter. I mean, it can’t be age? 22 isn’t that old, right?

Me on my 22nd birthday (yes, the barbie dolls were a gift :] )


High School is the best time of your life. Yeah right!

Throughout my childhood, nearly everyone I crossed paths with would tell me that  “high school days are the best days of your life – you’ll never forget high school” which wasn’t a complete lie. I mean, unfortunately I’ll never forget high school but as far as high school days being the best days of my life goes, SO WRONG.

I had high hopes for high school. I vaguely remember my first day. It was an exciting time in my life but the novelty soon wore off. Early mornings, five days a week, class from 8am until 3pm on most days, compulsory sport, detention– I do not miss it. I do however miss the people and the random things we got up to in an attempt to entertain ourselves.

I didn’t hate high school, I actually liked it (minus the terrible fashion and choices in hairstyles), I will always cherish those memories but I just think that varsity life is sooooo much better. High school is an awkward time in anyone’s life. You don’t know who you are, you have no idea how big the world actually is and you aren’t 18 yet (that’s when all the fun really starts).

I guess it all comes down to a matter of opinion. I like to think that these days I spend my time with the people I want to see, I am studying what I want to study and it’s legal for me to do everything (provided that it’s legal of course – drive, sign contracts, smoke, drink, etc). Kids try so hard to fit in and be popular at high school, when in fact none of that really matters.

There is life after high school – a much better life, and it doesn’t involve a uniform.

Hang in there.