Appreciate Imperfection.

We live in a world where there is quite a narrow definition of beauty. It’s usually tall, thin with long straight hair and fairish skin – green or blue eyes are an added bonus.

Don’t let society dictate what you can appreciate.

We are all beautiful in our own special way. Choose to see the splendor in the imperfections of life, that’s what makes it beautiful.

After all, what’s a beautiful face without a beautiful heart?

Embrace all kinds of beauty.



I’ve always thought that both the word and concept of ‘serendipity’ was a beautiful one, but everything becomes more beautiful once you’ve experienced it and a meaning can be placed behind it.

I have fond memories of an adorable blue-eyed, blonde guy that I crossed paths with. He had the most infectious smile and captivating eyes with a warmth that I’ll never forget.

It was by chance that we had met and by chance we had managed to stay in contact. Unfortunately, distance is the ultimate cockblock haha. It’s been two months since we last saw each other and I’m not sure if I’ll ever see him again.

It’s funny how a complete stranger can come into your life and leave a lasting impression.

As corny as it sounds I’d like to think that the times we’ve bumped into each other, was real-life serendipity. Don’t worry, I’m not planning the wedding – but I would like to think that one day we’ll meet again. You know, just to catch up.