I am…?

I am… Whitney.

A good friend of mine, Kouthar, had been speaking about how much I remind her of the main character in the TV series “Whitney” for a while. I didn’t think much of it (because I had never watched the show) until I watched an episode…

There I was. “Whitney” is exactly like me, down to the last detail. I guess after five years of friendship, you know your friend – REALLY well. Kouthar was spot on.

For those of you who haven’t watched the show here’s a sneak peak:


Andy Warhol said, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” You can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?

I don’t think Andy meant what he said literally, although in today’s day and age it’s probably possible for everyone to have their 15mins of world fame.

Between Youtube, reality TV and society’s hunger for “the next big thing”, becoming famous is totally doable. I mean you don’t even have to have a real talent, ask Kim Kardashian.

Personally, it’s not a life I’d like to lead. I like my privacy.

There are quite a few famous people I’d like to marry, I mean meet, though.


[Rosie and Sophia were discovered on Youtube…]

A skill set called leadership

A good leader is honest. He or she is passionate about equality for all; a good leader has his or her people’s best interests at heart at all times because he/she is selfless and fair.

Knowledge is power and therefore a good leader is educated and has the hunger to learn in order to keep growing.

A good leader is dynamic and can adapt to change effectively and efficiently. A good leader is strong-willed, ethical and determined.

A good leader is a people’s person, they have the people skills to connect with and understand people from all walks of life. He or she is approachable. A good leader listens and listens well. When the masses lose faith, he or she needs to have the strength to motivate, mobilize and encourage them to believe. He or she keeps his or her followers focused because a good leader is always focused.

With power comes responsibility, a good leader does not abuse his or her position but instead handles it with grace and remains humble.

A good leader leads the way innovatively and with confidence. He or she inspires people and effortlessly sets trends because his or her influence.

A good leader captures all those he or she meets with their personality and opinions. A good leader is fearless but empathetic, they lead firmly but not with an iron fist. People follow a good leader because they want to, not because they have to.

A good leader is proactive; he or she talks the talk and walks the walk. A good leader walks with their followers and leads by example.

A good leader acts strategically; they create a vision and work towards it. They stay true to their vision and constantly refer back to it in their communication and in the feedback they give. Good leaders are good managers who surround themselves with good people.

Good leaders never forget their people.

“Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read” (Frank Zappa)

In 1977, singer/songwriter Frank Zappa was quoted saying: “Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read”. 

I think that statement is very stereotypical (and ironic).

Besides, how exciting can a writer make an interview?

Musicians express themselves through their music – not their interviews.

And people don’t read magazines for their intellectual content.

List your top 200 achievements:

I don’t think it’s possible to list my top 200 achievements. I think each person has their own definition of what an achievement is, how great the achievement is and where it ranks in comparison to what else they have achieved in life – and that’s personal.

In my opinion, an achievement is something you accomplished that impacts your life positively – no matter how big or small.

Life’s about the little things so appreciate all your achievements, not just the big ones.

My Mamma Bear & I at my (first) Graduation

What motivates me?

“You gotta find a way to survive ‘cos they win when your soul dies.” – Tupac Shakur

At some point in my life I came to the conclusion that I have no choice but to keep on going until I get to where I want to be, and since that day, that’s all I’ve been doing.

What keeps me going is the fact that no matter how bad my situation in life may get, I know that one day it will get better. If I work hard now, one day my hard work will pay off – I’d be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

I don’t have a bad life, but it hasn’t been easy. God, my friends, family and my dreams have kept me going.

And of course, MUSIC has had a big impact on my life. It truly has kept me going through the toughest times in my life.

In my opinion, once you’ve decided where you want to end up one day and what kind of lifestyle you want to lead, you’ll keep going until you get there.

The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online:

Things I wouldn’t expect to happen while online…

Such an arb topic…

I’m going to list them as I think of them…

  2. Finding a soul mate – That’s hard enough to do in real-life, doubt it’d happen online. Don’t know if I even believe in soul mates.
  3. Winning a large sum of money or a prize – I’m sure we’ve all seen those pop-ups thousands of times but have you ever actually won a prize and received it?
  4. Being productive – I’ll be honest with you 90% of the time I spend online does not involve me being productive.
  5. Achieving world peace – LOL!
  6. Being caught cyber-stalking – Have you ever been on someone’s profile and accidentally liked a picture or status from 2007? Awkward.
  7. Finding a long lost sibling – I suppose it happens but one wouldn’t really expect it to.
  8. Finding the cure for AIDS – yeah, not going to happen – well not while being online anyways.
  9. Using all your cap up in one day – Youtube is NOT your friend, it will devour your cap.
  10. The Gangnam Style music video – I was minding my own business when I stumbled upon it. If you haven’t seen it, where have you been?! Too funny but people are killing the joke now.

The Elephant In The Room

Elephants are incredible creatures. Not only are they are highly intelligent animals but they express an advanced sensitivity and social connection. Since the beginning of time people have been fascinated with these stunning creatures, so it’s no surprise that elephants have become popular symbols in everything from religion to politics.

Here are some examples of elephants being used as symbols:

Generally, elephants are associated with strength, honour, stability and patience.

In nature elephants are known to take great care of their young and elders, they are known for their responsibility and loyalty. These determined animals are always standing up for each other and defending members of their herd.

In Hinduism, Ganesha is the God of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects.

Christians believe elephants are a symbol of temperance, patience and chastity.

In many western cultures, the elephant meaning pertains to:

  • Reliability
  • Dignity
  • Power
  • Royalty
  • Pride

As a Chinese symbol, the elephant is considered a symbol of:

  • Happiness
  • Longevity
  • Good luck

I’ve always loved elephants, they truly are magnificent. Whether you see them as a significant symbol or not, you can’t deny how beautiful these animals are.

Every day is a good day.

Welcome to my imperfect journey through life. No day is ever the same and no day is ever without its problems, but no day goes without me cracking a smile.

Life gets tough; sometimes it appears to be impossible. There are days I struggle to get out of bed but, I get through them because even when life seems to be falling apart – it’s never really ALL bad.

Never forget to reflect and be thankful for what you have because somewhere out there, there is someone happier who has much less.

No matter what I go through, no matter where life takes me, I’ll always be okay. At the end of the day there is always at least ONE reason for me to want to see the next.

Stay humble. Stay thankful. And choose to see the Brightside in everything.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.

I’d say my greatest strength is the love I have for people. I really do wear my heart on my sleeve. After all, it is my love for people which drove me to study public relations in the first place.

The dangerous thing about loving with an open heart is that it leaves you vulnerable to those who are comfortable with taking advantage.

So many times I have acted thoughtlessly and even stupidly in order to help or please someone I care about.

I fall in love with every person I befriend (not romantic love), I trust too easily and I welcome people with open arms but it is this very love that drives me to be there for anyone I care about when they need help.  It is also this very love which has allowed me to be hurt by those very people who couldn’t care less about my feelings.

So while my ability to love may be my greatest strength, it is also my greatest weakness. In life that’s just the way it is. You’ve got to take the good with the bad and pray that in the end, it’ll all be worth it.