A skill set called leadership

A good leader is honest. He or she is passionate about equality for all; a good leader has his or her people’s best interests at heart at all times because he/she is selfless and fair.

Knowledge is power and therefore a good leader is educated and has the hunger to learn in order to keep growing.

A good leader is dynamic and can adapt to change effectively and efficiently. A good leader is strong-willed, ethical and determined.

A good leader is a people’s person, they have the people skills to connect with and understand people from all walks of life. He or she is approachable. A good leader listens and listens well. When the masses lose faith, he or she needs to have the strength to motivate, mobilize and encourage them to believe. He or she keeps his or her followers focused because a good leader is always focused.

With power comes responsibility, a good leader does not abuse his or her position but instead handles it with grace and remains humble.

A good leader leads the way innovatively and with confidence. He or she inspires people and effortlessly sets trends because his or her influence.

A good leader captures all those he or she meets with their personality and opinions. A good leader is fearless but empathetic, they lead firmly but not with an iron fist. People follow a good leader because they want to, not because they have to.

A good leader is proactive; he or she talks the talk and walks the walk. A good leader walks with their followers and leads by example.

A good leader acts strategically; they create a vision and work towards it. They stay true to their vision and constantly refer back to it in their communication and in the feedback they give. Good leaders are good managers who surround themselves with good people.

Good leaders never forget their people.

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