The Elephant In The Room

Elephants are incredible creatures. Not only are they are highly intelligent animals but they express an advanced sensitivity and social connection. Since the beginning of time people have been fascinated with these stunning creatures, so it’s no surprise that elephants have become popular symbols in everything from religion to politics.

Here are some examples of elephants being used as symbols:

Generally, elephants are associated with strength, honour, stability and patience.

In nature elephants are known to take great care of their young and elders, they are known for their responsibility and loyalty. These determined animals are always standing up for each other and defending members of their herd.

In Hinduism, Ganesha is the God of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects.

Christians believe elephants are a symbol of temperance, patience and chastity.

In many western cultures, the elephant meaning pertains to:

  • Reliability
  • Dignity
  • Power
  • Royalty
  • Pride

As a Chinese symbol, the elephant is considered a symbol of:

  • Happiness
  • Longevity
  • Good luck

I’ve always loved elephants, they truly are magnificent. Whether you see them as a significant symbol or not, you can’t deny how beautiful these animals are.

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