Women are bitches.

Yes, I went there. Women are constantly complaining about how badly men treat them (I’m a woman, I should know – and I do, not the point) but I almost never hear females complain about how badly women treat other women.

Ask a woman what she will call another woman who sleeps around with multiple partners and I guarantee you a derogatory word will follow. But ask a man what he’d call another man who sleeps around with multiple partners and something along the lines of champion will follow. Of course, this is not ALWAYS the case but most of the time it is (trust me; I have survey results from a research paper to prove it).

My point is not that women should start encouraging each other to sleep around but rather that they should start encouraging each other FULL STOP. We can learn a lot from the way men stick by each other.

“Girl World” can be a cold and harsh place. Unfortunately a lot of the time women allow jealousy, insecurities and petty little things to get in the way of their ability to treat each other with love and respect (I’m NOT saying men are angels).

What we as females don’t realise is that each time we disrespect and devalue each other we make it okay for males to do it too. In my opinion we should stop the bitching, the backstabbing, and the finger-pointing. Females need to learn to treat each other with respect and then maybe males will learn to do so too.


Every day is a good day.

Welcome to my imperfect journey through life. No day is ever the same and no day is ever without its problems, but no day goes without me cracking a smile.

Life gets tough; sometimes it appears to be impossible. There are days I struggle to get out of bed but, I get through them because even when life seems to be falling apart – it’s never really ALL bad.

Never forget to reflect and be thankful for what you have because somewhere out there, there is someone happier who has much less.

No matter what I go through, no matter where life takes me, I’ll always be okay. At the end of the day there is always at least ONE reason for me to want to see the next.

Stay humble. Stay thankful. And choose to see the Brightside in everything.


I’ve always thought that both the word and concept of ‘serendipity’ was a beautiful one, but everything becomes more beautiful once you’ve experienced it and a meaning can be placed behind it.

I have fond memories of an adorable blue-eyed, blonde guy that I crossed paths with. He had the most infectious smile and captivating eyes with a warmth that I’ll never forget.

It was by chance that we had met and by chance we had managed to stay in contact. Unfortunately, distance is the ultimate cockblock haha. It’s been two months since we last saw each other and I’m not sure if I’ll ever see him again.

It’s funny how a complete stranger can come into your life and leave a lasting impression.

As corny as it sounds I’d like to think that the times we’ve bumped into each other, was real-life serendipity. Don’t worry, I’m not planning the wedding – but I would like to think that one day we’ll meet again. You know, just to catch up.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.

I’d say my greatest strength is the love I have for people. I really do wear my heart on my sleeve. After all, it is my love for people which drove me to study public relations in the first place.

The dangerous thing about loving with an open heart is that it leaves you vulnerable to those who are comfortable with taking advantage.

So many times I have acted thoughtlessly and even stupidly in order to help or please someone I care about.

I fall in love with every person I befriend (not romantic love), I trust too easily and I welcome people with open arms but it is this very love that drives me to be there for anyone I care about when they need help.  It is also this very love which has allowed me to be hurt by those very people who couldn’t care less about my feelings.

So while my ability to love may be my greatest strength, it is also my greatest weakness. In life that’s just the way it is. You’ve got to take the good with the bad and pray that in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

Say it ain’t age?

I hate being at home on any night that I don’t have to be. So if I have a free day in a week and I can manage to talk someone in to going out with me the night before – you can bet your life I will be out. Well, that’s how life used to work.

I don’t know why, but I am beginning to notice that going out is becoming more and more of an effort for me. Seriously. For example, last night I opted to stay in bed bonding with a cup of hot chocolate and my electric blanket instead of checking out a new party being hosted by one of my favourite DJs. Uhm, who am I?

I’d like to think it’s just winter, you know. The cold weather and all, but I have noticed that ‘recovery’ takes longer these days. Gone are the days where I don’t need to sleep. I can still stay out all night but best believe when I get near to a bed; IT-IS-ON.  I’m just not the animal I used to be LAUGH-OUT-LOUD.

When you’re 18 and straight out of high school, you feel like you’ll be young forever. In fact you barely notice how much you’ve aged until one day you’re at a club and you realise that the hot guy you just got introduced to, just turned 20 and is someone-you-matriculated-with’s baby brother…

I am hoping this is just a phase…or winter. I mean, it can’t be age? 22 isn’t that old, right?

Me on my 22nd birthday (yes, the barbie dolls were a gift :] )

Try a cliché.

Like family, we don’t get to choose our stepfamily – our parents do that for us. It’s selfish for anyone to expect a man or woman to live alone forever in the fear of choosing a partner that his or her children may not like. However, I think that far too many parents disregard the feelings of their kids all together.

If you remember Cinderella then you remember her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Poor Cinderella had to endure years and years of torture at the hand of her steps.  Luckily for Cinderella, she had a fairy godmother who pimped her out and let her get loose at a ball the royals were hosting (my memory fails me, I don’t really remember the occasion). Cinderella had to leave before 12 but ironically that was enough time for her to find a decent (and rich) man and make him fall head-over-heels in love with her, ha!


Cinderella wasn’t the only one who had to endure the wrath of ‘stepfamily’. Snow White’s stepmother poisoned her – now that’s rough! Again, luckily for Snow White a handsome young prince stumbled across her lifeless body, brought her back to life and they road off into the horizon, living happily-ever-after. Yawn.

Children don’t ask to be brought into this world, it’s a decision their parents make. Too often parents don’t realise how THEIR decisions have a lasting effect on their children’s lives.  I don’t’ believe couples should “stay together for the sake of the kids” and I don’t believe parents should choose new life partners that can’t respect their kids either.

Your child is part of you. If a man or woman can’t respect your child, they can’t respect you. The time-old cliché of stepmother/father versus children needs to stop. Every last single parent needs to consider their children and the consequences that abuse (in any form) from a stepparent may have on them for the rest of their lives – BEFORE getting married.

I’m not saying stay single for life, I’m just saying that like marriage is supposed to be forever – so is being a parent, and that should come first.