Imfundo Eastern Cape

by Unathi Kondile

Firstly, I’d like to thank Brett Murray for his contribution to the arts.

Secondly, I wish I could deliver canapés and wine to all the South African households who have had the privilege of entering a gallery from the comfort of their homes, courtesy of our media’s walkabouts therein.

Thirdly, I’d like to talk about the state of the Art, in South Africa, as well as the neglected role of township / black artists in post-apartheid South Africa.

Let’s just rewind to 2010. An artist named Ayanda Mabulu. Pause. I thought this was a pseudonym at first, because this name and surname combo means “Afrikaners are expanding!” You have to love the irony of naming in Africa. Anyway, Ayanda Mabulu produces a piece titled “Ngcono ihlwempu kunesibhanxo sesityebi” (better a fool than a rich man’s nonsense, loosely translated). It’s exhibited at Worldart Gallery towards the end of…

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While procrastinating this evening, I decided to log onto Facebook. Immediately a class mates’ status caught my eye, “There is a time in ones life when you read something that could spark a revolution”  and there was a link attached to it. Naturally, curiosity took over and I clicked on the link.

True to his word what I read was revolutionary, I am glad someone had the balls to say it.

Racism is a loose and broad but ONE-SIDED term in this country and it’s tearing our democracy apart. Black people weren’t the only ones who suffered during Apartheid. It took all kinds to fight for freedom in South Africa, we did it together.

Embrace all kinds of beauty, we’re all South African.

Here’s the link to the article:

Mainstream versus Alternative versus – WHO CARES?!

I don’t know if it’s a recent thing or if it’s always been happening, but I just noticed it now… there seems to be all of this controversy surrounding people and their tastes for music. Seriously? Is this going to become a problem now too?

Isn’t it enough that we have to try to get through a normal day without being judged on what we wear, who we’re with and who we know? Now one has to be afraid to like a genre of music at the risk of them “following the crowd” or “trying too hard to be different”.

NO! This is not on. Yes, it’s annoying when a genre of music catches on because (like with everything in life) you get the superficial fans that just follow the crowd pretending to like what they’re listening to. But who are we to judge? (Isn’t judging someone else being superficial?)

This entire mainstream versus alternative/ commercial versus underground crap is so unnecessary. There are so many good genres of music out there. Why do we have to choose ONE?

Feelings follow behaviour

I’m afraid of feelings. I’m not going to lie. I hate talking about feelings. I hate feeling feelings and in fact, I tend to run away from feelings.

They just make you so vulnerable – especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

I learnt the hard way that running away or trying to avoid your feelings NEVER works out. Not so long ago I got myself into a bit of a situation and I behaved in a way which was completely out of character. I ignored what I was feeling. Not my smartest move. Behaving as if you have no feelings won’t make your feelings disappear. You’ll only end up having to deal with more complex and more painful feelings in the end.

Never ignore your feelings, let them all out. Take notice of your actions, they speak louder than your words. Take them as an early warning of the emotions to come.

Racist tweets are the new sex tapes!

Sex tapes are so last year! Why waste valuable time making a sex tape when you could just go on an insensitive and racist rampage via Twitter? Not only will you nearly double your amount of followers but you will become a trending topic in three different forms as well as make news headlines everywhere.

Before last week Friday I had no idea who Jessica Leandra was, despite her former title as 2011 FHM Model of the year. Once she dropped the ‘k-word’ in one of her tweets it seemed as if everywhere I looked, there she was. I woke up to her name being all over my Twitter feed. Even after all the dust has settled, her name will always be imprinted in to my memory.

Yes, she will be forever be associated with racism but the fact remains that Jessica is now more famous than she ever was. And she didn’t have to pull a Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton to achieve it.  I’m sure Jessica had no idea how her thoughtless tweet would completely blow up in her face but one thing it did do (besides cause an uproar across the country) was get her name out there.

There are many ignorant people who believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity, I’M NOT SAYING JESSICA IS ONE OF THEM, but they do exist. As PR professionals we know better. Unless you want to see your reputation go up in flames, be careful what you put out there – especially on the internet. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

Racist tweets are becoming far too common. This needs to stop. Like sex tapes, posting a racist tweet will get you your 15mins of fame my dear, but goodluck trying to maintain it.

*Disclaimer: This post is simply pointing out that the infamous reputation and popularity that comes with sex tapes of celebrities in Hollywood is similar to that of those who post racist tweets on Twitter. It is in NO way condoning racism or any form of pornography.*

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot.

Being a very talkative person, I understand how easy it is to get caught up in a fat conversation about what you plan on doing or what you want to do. However, in today’s day and age you may get left behind if you’re all about talk and not so much about action.

When you are able to talk the talk, as well as walk the walk – simultaneously, you will find quality in anything you put your efforts in to.

“Practice makes perfect” and “actions speak louder than words” so why stand around talking about what you want to do when you could actually just go ahead and do it?

World Press Freedom Day

In 1993 the UN General Assembly proclaimed May 3rd World Press Freedom Day following the recommendation of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) General Conference.

Each year May 3rd marks the celebration of the “fundamental principles of press freedom”. World Press Freedom Day is a day which evaluates press freedom globally, defends the independence of the media and pays tribute to those journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty – exercising their right to freedom of speech .

“Freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights. It underpins every other freedom and provides a foundation for human dignity. Free, pluralistic and independent media is essential for its exercise.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
and UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova

 To find out more about World Press Freedom Day visit:

I can’t keep up with the Kardashians anymore.

I HATE THE KARDASHIANS! I mean, I’m not going to lie, when the series first started I too was a fan. It was addictive but it has now gotten to a point where I see the Kardashian’s capitalizing on something or the other everywhere I look!

As if ONE series wasn’t bad enough, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” lead to spin off series’ such as “Khloe and Lamar” and “Kim and Kourtney Take New York” and blah blah blah. The Kardashians have milked the concept of reality TV dry. They need to stop, I’m bored! But I guess it’s just me because E! keeps renewing their series which means people are watching – WHHHY?!

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Oh and let’s not forget the masses of young girls who are now convinced they too are of Armenian American decent (rolls eyes) and replace all their “C’s” with “K’s”. That’s probably the worst part about the whole Kardashian obsession, girls look up to them. Hellooo? Kim became famous because of a leaked sex tape?!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that Kris Jenner and all of her daughters are serious business women – I mean how can they not be? They have their fingers in just about every pie but that’s not the image they portray on their series’.

I have had enough of the Kardashians, the whole series is scripted anyway. Can’t reality TV find a new obsession? Please? Anything BUT the Kardashians.

Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road

This topic kind of reminds me of my views on marriage – if that makes sense? I grew up like every other little girl, dreaming of the day I’d get swept off my feet and marry my dream husband. We’d live happily ever after…

Now, many years later, I am old enough to know that in REAL life that’s not always how the story goes. My parents divorced when I was just two years old and in my lifetime I have seen countless relationships, engagements and marriages crash and burn right in front of my eyes – this doesn’t paint a very bright picture of love and marriage in my mind.

Most marriages today end in divorce. I don’t know if I want to deal with that. Break ups suck! I can’t imagine what divorce must feel like?

I think I may just be happy to go through life with a partner, someone I can commit to and be with for the rest of my life without the formality of marriage. I mean in today’s times what does marriage really mean anyway?