Small talk is the bane of my existence.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than bumping into an acquaintance (friends are different), unexpectedly, as you’re going about your day. Seeing as I’m studying Public Relations, you’d think that making conversation would come easily for me – well, not always.

I talk a lot, non-stop actually.  But run into me by surprise and you will get… NOTHING. I hate small talk; it’s so pointless and boring. No one really cares. Small talk is a bunch of predictable lines and questions that are mandatory to ask when you bump into someone you know. So much unnecessary pressure, not to mention that I almost always say something stupid. Why not just smile and wave? Skip the awkward “What do I say now?” thought and go on with your day. Let’s just be honest, we all run out of things to say after “Oh my word, how have you been?” or “So, what have you been doing with yourself these days?” anyway.

It’s just a thought. People always say life is short, why waste it on forced conversation.

[I’m not rude, I promise]


3 thoughts on “Small talk is the bane of my existence.

  1. This made me laugh Chant! As I said before, when making small talk, focus on the person and look for something on them to speak about. Be it a haircut, or clothes, or even the fact that you haven’t seen them in so long. It always works for me 🙂

  2. Small talk happens because we don’t want to be perceived as rude… We would like to carry on with whatever we were doing but instead we stop and engage in a conversation we so wish were not happening. And there is always that awkward moment where you want to go but you don’t know how to say it because “you don’t want to perceived as rude”…

  3. I had the miss fortune of being in such a situation about 5 times last night!

    Went to chilli bar for their thursday night comedy and I had landed an interview with Rob van Vuuren, anyway in works an old friend of a friend and the meaningless banter begine *YAWN* there i was minding my own business sipping on my beer and then the question, “what you been up to?” and my response is always “Hey! i’ve been busy with life and growing old” not the repsonse they always like to hear.

    then 3 more friends of friends walk in, and the same old routine begins…

    By the 5th guy i wanted to puke.

    So this post just reminded me about last night and gave me a good laugh. thanks Chantelle.

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