Two people come out of a building and into a story.

“Why do we always get stuck with the jobs that no one wants to do?” Jane moaned as they left the cool, air-conditioned Absa building. “The joys of being an intern.” Nicole said, as she sighed loudly. Each of them carried a box filled with documents. “Where is this place anyway?”, “Down the road somewhere, I’m sure we’ll find it. Wait, let’s take a break.” Nicole answered, as she dropped her box. “Yeah, su – “, Jane started but before she  managed to finish her sentence a tall man dressed in black ran into her without stopping. Jane’s box came crashing down to the floor. The papers flew everywhere. “Hey!” she shouted angrily after the man as she got up.

They worked together to collect all the papers that had fallen out of the box. Not too long after they had finished putting everything back together, the man dressed in black appeared again. Only this time, he was walking, rather strangely – limping almost. They turned to look at each other, both confused. “What do you think is going on Jane?” Nicole whispered, “No idea”.

The man was getting closer now. The girls were frozen, watching in anticipation. There was no one else around, the deafening silence seemed to go on forever. “He looks…in-injured” Jane stammered. The man was just a few feet away now, “Girls, girls I –“ the man started but he dropped to the floor, mid-sentence. It was only then that the girls noticed that he was covered in blood. Just then, three men appeared in the distance.

Jane dropped her box and turned to Nicole, “RUN!” and without looking back, the two girls ran as fast as they could without stopping. “Jane… stop!” Nicole pulled Jane and pointed to what was in front of them. Strangely, without realising it, they had run in the direction of the Absa building. And now stood in front of it gasping for breath.

Hysterical, the girls rushed inside and collapsed on the cool floors. Immediately noticing how out of breath and shaken up they were, the security rushed to their side “Are you girls alright? What happened?”.

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