It’s not enough to sit back and criticise.

South Africa has come a long way since the oppression and dark days of Apartheid. Our forefathers spent their lives, and many even gave their lives, to give US a voice. Freedom is a concept that they could only dream of. It was something they cherished and believed in.

Our democracy is still very young. Our nation is not perfect but a better nation can not be built by government alone.  Too many South Africans are unhappy with the way the country is run, crime, corruption and even their living circumstances. I can not even count the amount of times I have heard negative remarks about this, that and the other.

In my opinion…

Everyone has a lot to say about what they’re unhappy with but not everyone gets up and does something about it.

The question isn’t what’s wrong with our country but rather, what’s wrong with the citizens of our country? You have been given the right to speak up, to vote, to stand up for what ever you believe in – it’s a luxury that many people around the world STILL do not have.

You have been blessed with ‘choice’. Use it.

One thought on “It’s not enough to sit back and criticise.

  1. I agree. Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country. We all can make this country so much better.

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