How hard is it to follow instructions?

After completing three posts for my blog I was ready to check out some of the other #smed12 blogs, you know, see what everybody else is doing, etc. Upon reading the first blog I saw that the student had gotten the title for the first blog post wrong (or so I thought). So naturally, I checked more blogs.

After reading through several blogs, I came to the realisation that I was the one who got the title (and subject) for our first post wrong. Ironically, I wrote about “How to follow an instruction” rather than “How hard is it to follow instructions?” – BIGGEST JOKE EVER, right?!

I think I’ve lost the right to comment on either topic.

So how hard is it to follow instructions? It seems easy enough, in theory. Clearly it’s a bit higher grade for some of us (and when I say some of us I really mean me) but if we pay attention to the instructions we are given and they don’t clash with our morals and beliefs, they’re easy enough to follow. It’s a choice really.

I think the main problem with following instructions is that people are lazy. Instructions mean work, it’s kind of off-putting. However, instructions are there to make life easier for all of us I guess, so it’s worth your while to pay attention and get it right the first time (note-to-self).

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