How to follow instructions:

[Instructions helping you to successfully follow instructions]

Instructions come in many different forms; they may be written or oral, simple or complex, guidelines or strict orders – it just depends really. Knowing how to follow an instruction successfully is a vital life skill, it could be the difference between life and death (yes, it can be – if you’re a member of the bomb squad) or the difference between an A and B for an assignment.


Here are a few simple steps on how to effectively follow an instruction:

  1. READ/ LISTEN TO the instruction(s) carefully.
  2. Take time to PROCESS the instruction(s).
  3. UNDERSTAND the instruction(s).
  4. FOLLOW the instruction(s).

Seems easy enough right? WRONG! If you omit any of the steps above, you have failed to follow four easy instructions TELLING you how to follow instructions (double fail).

Pay attention, understand what you are being asked to do AND THEN do it.

So next time you are handed an assignment brief, a new gadget manual or mom leaves a ‘to do list’ for you, you know what to do.


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